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Caring for plants can be tricky at times, but we're here to make it a little easier on you.  Susie and Steve Stratton have over 30 years of experience raising lush, healthy plants, and they're happy to share their time-tested wisdom on how to keep your plants looking their best.  Here you can find answers and advice for common gardening questions.  If you need specific help troubleshooting your plants, reach out to us at (419) 358 6950, or  by email at

Caring for Newly Planted Nursery Stock

The best thing you can do to ensure the survival of your newly planted nursery stock is to make sure you are watering properly.  Consult the guide below to learn how much and how often to water, as well as proper watering technique.  A downloadable PDF version of the guide is available for printing at the bottom of the page.

Watering Guidelines

  • After your new landscape is planted, be sure to water the trees and shrubs every day or two for at least one week.  This will be determined by temperature and rainfall.  If planted in the fall, they do not dry out as quickly.  Pull back some of the mulch and feel the dirt.  You will be able to tell if they are still wet.

  • Next, the second week, water your trees and shrubs every two or three days, depending on temperature and rainfall.  Be sure to pull away the mulch and check the dirt at least 6” down for moisture.

  • From this point on, if there is less than 1” of rain in a week, leave a steady drip (not a steady stream) at the base of each tree or shrub for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the size of the tree or shrub) once a week.  This is so the water can saturate the ground at least 2 ft. down.  If you have the water on a steady stream, most of it will run off or just water the top inch of grass or mulch.  It is very important that the water saturates the ground around the root system of the tree.

  • If you see any changes or concerns that you may have with your product, please give us a call before it is too late.  99% of the problems that occur with nursery stock are a result of either moisture needs or location due to too much or not enough sun for that particular plant.  We want you to be successful with all your planting needs. 



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Stratton Greenhouses, Inc.

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