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Gift Shop

In 1979 we opened the doors to our gift shop and welcomed our first customers.  Forty years later it's still going strong.  The gift shop has evolved throughout the years, and today it is located on-premises at the greenhouse, offering convenient one-stop shopping for our customers.


We strive to stock unique items with personality and artistic flair because we believe this is one of the great advantages

of shopping local.  Besides many great gift and décor items, we also offer gift cards and certificates valid for purchases in the gift shop, greenhouse or garden center.


Another distinctive and popular line of products that we carry are the miniature sculpture planters from Blob House.  These adorable characters are capricious and quirky, and are the perfect little creations to add a note of whimsy to your home, office or dorm room.

Pick your Blob and add a succulent or houseplant of your choosing, or grab one already planted and ready to go.  Blobs are lively and lovable planted or plantless, so they make great gifts for everybody--even for friends or family without green thumbs!

We are always looking to support local industry and artistry, and we are very proud to carry original artworks hand-crafted by local Ohio artist, George Carruth.  The gorgeous and meticulous detail in these artworks sets them apart, as each piece is designed and hand-cast by the artist himself.  Whether as expressions of friendship, gratitude, or heartfelt sympathy, these unique treasures make memorable gifts that will last for years to come.  From poetry and scriptural blessings to whimsically creative garden adornments, we have Carruth Studio pieces to suit any occasion.


We carry many beautiful and unique greeting cards designed by artists for when you need a small gesture of thanks or sympathy, or to let your loved ones know you keep them always in your heart.


If you're looking for a larger gesture, or to treat yourself to something special, we have a great selection of gifts and treasures from which to choose; from terrariums to hammock chairs to decorative sculpture, there is something for all tastes and occasions.  Our Corinthian Bells windchimes are a particularly popular gift item.  The quality of their meticulous craftsmanship is evident in their rich resounding tones and polished, gleaming pipes.  We have a variety of sizes and tones to provide a melodious backdrop for any outdoor space.

The gift shop also houses a variety of decorative desktop and windowsill planters to help you bring a touch of nature indoors to enjoy year-round.  We keep a rotating stock of these types of items to keep your home fresh and on trend.

If you want to take the guesswork out of gift-giving, we also offer gift cards and certificates valid for purchases on all greenhouse, garden center or gift shop purchases.  Gift cards are extremely easy to purchase and to redeem, so stop by and pick one up today!

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