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We Grow For You

In 1949 we began growing tomatoes, and today we supply our local communities with everything from annuals to evergreens.  Whether you're looking to add a pop of life and color to your front porch, start your very own vegetable garden, or even overhaul your landscaping, we have what you need.

All throughout spring and summer the greenhouse is packed with bright colorful annuals and perennials sold in many different combinations and sizes.  Our hanging baskets are particularly popular, and we work with various organizations to supply them with hanging baskets for their fundraising activities.

Coral Knockout Roses

Our petunias are some of our best sellers during the summer, and we carry many different varieties and colours to suit your needs.  We stock Wave™, Shockwave™, and Tidal Wave™ varieties by the Ball Compnay, ideal for groundcover and borders in your garden.  We also carry an extensive selection of Supertunia™ varieties from Proven Winners, which make great additions to container arrangements, as they grow profusely without overwhelming other plants nearby.

We haven't forgotten our roots as a hot house for tomatoes, and today we grow tomato and vegetable starts of all types and sizes for your garden.  There's nothing better than fresh, home-grown produce, and here at the greenhouse you can find everything you need to get your vegetable garden growing and thriving.

When fall rolls around you can still count on us to keep your home vibrant, as we fill the greenhouse with every colour of mum imaginable.  We carry hardy mums which you can plant in your garden and enjoy year after year.  We also stock all manner of pumpkins and gourds, as well as bales of straw and corn shocks to complete your fall decorations.


We also carry nursery stock year-round for all of your landscaping needs.  We have a great selection of deciduous and evergreen shrubbery, including many varieties of hydrangeas to choose from.  We stock plants with a wide diversity of sizes and habits to provide our customers with the best tools to create variety and interest in their landscapes.

Besides shrubbery, we also stock many different trees, both evergreen and deciduous, as well as fruit-bearing.  Choose from a variety of junipers and arborvitae to provide elegant vertical lines and attractive privacy screening.  Select from our may varieties of deciduous trees to add cool shade in the summer and ardent color in the fall, or opt for a spruce or pine tree to add a touch of evergreen majesty year-round.  We carry trees in an assortment of sizes to suit your needs and budget.  We also offer delivery and tree planting services to make giving your tree a new home as easy as possible for you.

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