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Flowerpot Sponsorship

7-05-18 Stratton's flowers on Main St, B

The flowerpots and hayracks that bring color and life to Main Street are truly a community effort, and are made possible through donations offered by members of the community.

We wish to offer you the opportunity to participate in this Bluffton tradition by sponsoring a flowerpot. We welcome as sponsors businesses, individuals, groups, clubs---anyone who wishes to see this tradition continue!


The cost to sponsor a flowerpot for 2023 is $160; sponsors who remit payment before March 15th will receive a discounted rate of $155.  A plaque will be placed in each flowerpot and may be personalized as requested.


We accept payment in form of credit/debit, cash or checks.  You can mail your completed sponsorship form along with payment in form of a check to 9915 Lincoln Hwy, Bluffton, OH 45817; give us a call at (419) 358 6950 to pay by credit/debit card; or you can drop by the greenhouse, or roots by Strattons, in person to pay by cash, card or check.

We believe that this tradition is one of the many things that make Bluffton a truly lovely place to live, and we really appreciate every effort to help make it happen every year. Even if you are unable to sponsor, you can help by spreading the word to anyone whom you feel might be interested in participating.

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